Trends in Web you must know if your business is to thrive online!


In General we see the following trends in the web & digital that people should take notice of…


  • The world is infinitely smaller online, your customer can potentially be anywhere ! However People are more likely to use a local business but need to be able to find it online. Not everyone needs to be an Amazon !
  • Wait I’ll Google it ,, you have probably heard a few times already today ? As most people google everything you absolutely need to have a good slick web presence, and one that works with mobile (iPhone, Android) and optimized in Google searches, we have some great techniques to help get people to take notice of your business J
  • Email is dead and social media is where its at to communicate haven’t you heard ? Ideally you should be integrated with Facebook,  Twitter , YouTube  so you can connect with your customers from where they spend 99% of their time on the web. People have their heads stuck in their phone while on social media, so if you can get their attention there you have scored a great hit.
  • Peoples attention span is getting shorter! People want to be able to get to the relevant content quickly , people lose interest on a site after 5 seconds or less if they cant find what they want, so less is MORE.
  • Don’t worry of you don’t own it! If you have a commodity based service then maybe you need an App as well to better connect your customers? Or perhaps you are onto the next big thing such as UBER, AIRBNB, where you don’t own the commodity!

 How we can help ?      Finally all the tools and platforms are there to improve your businesses web presence, we don’t intend to reinvent the wheel but we can help you connect the dots in the .Dot world 🙂



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