Choose the right eCommerce platform for your business

Choosing the right eCommerce platform can be tricky.


There are many different features across the different eCommerce platforms readily available. Below is a summary of the key features provided.

Platform Website inc Domain Name inc Monthly Fees Transaction Fees Advanced Analytics
Websimple eCommerce
Stripe or PayPal Payments Integration

Features to consider 

  • Website Included – This would include the landing page, product pages etc
  • Domain Name – Typically a custom domain name (.com, .ie etc) needs to be purchased separately
  • Monthly Fees – These are monthly service fees for the eCommerce platform
  • Transaction fees – These are fees charged on your eCommerce transactions
  • Advanced Analytics  – These are add on tools that give you advanced sales reporting and/or ability to promote products within the eCommerce platform marketplace (e.g eBay)

Solution mapping to user requirements

As a result we believe in trying to get the right fit solution in place for your business.  You may be concerned with cost, scalablity and direct access to global market places and customers or trying to target more of a niche market.

Below is a high level mapping of business requirements to potential solutions. Obviously every client is different but this should guide you initially if you are curious. Please contact us to discuss if you are interested!

Requirements Websimple eCommerce Shopify
Small Business
Larger Business
ReSeller (e.g Amazon)
POS integration
Require access to global market places

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