What is Amazon A-Store and Affiliate Program?


Affiliate Program API Integration  / Websimple setup fee is 399EUR

Become an Amazon affiliate and earn additional revenue from your site.

 Earn up to 10% in referral fees by linking to Amazon products and add compelling content to your site visitors enjoyment. The Associates program allows you to choose any items from the millions listed in our online catalog and promote them on your Web site.

  •’s affiliate marketing program: earn up to 10% in referral  fees
  • Monthly payments to Associates
  • Participation is easy and free
You can now feature and sell Amazon Products and monetize your website!!
 Earn a percentage on each sale.
  • Keep visitors engaged
  • Select the Amazon products to feature
  • Include products from all categories or display only the ones you choose
  • Customize your store’s look and feel
Offer a Shopping Cart (* We recommend WOO Commerce or other platform on your site)
Create a professional online store and never write any code.
  • Offer a shopping cart for multiple item purchases
  • Checkout is completed on

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Amazon Shop  / Websimple setup fee is 599EUR

Amazon have an eCommerce platform that gives you the look and feel of Amazon plus the payments platform.

Websimple can guide you through the whole process and help you setup either an Amazon A-Store that can be integrated into an existing website or help get your products sold through Amazon.

Notes  – There are transition fees Amazon may charge depending on package which are managed directly with Amazon. Total monthly subscription fee : $39.99 + additional selling fee (after your one month free trial)For more information on Amazon eCommerce please visit

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