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Working with Websimple – Website Considerations

  1. Objectives – Write out clearly what is your business and what are the objectives for your website or app
  2. Purpose – Will you be selling online or mainly advertising products and promotions?
  3. Brand – Think of a nice domain name for your business e.g. or .com
  4. Structure – Map out the structure of your website e.g Home page, Contact Page , additional pages etc
  5. Content – Collate any electronic content, digital images or logos you already have, if you dont have anything dont worry we can help!
  6. Package & Feature – Review our Website  & App packages page for further guidance
  7. Data Privacy – Consider your Terms & Conditions and Data Privacy requirements
  8. Contact us – Complete the form below with as much of the above information as possible and we will respond within 24hrs

Working with Websimple  – T&Cs!

  1. eContract – Once we receive the contact form we will review the basic requirements, have some initial conversations and complete an eContract for you to review. The eContract details everything we will build for you based on your requirements and approximate timelines. The eContract can be amended until satisfaction. (Contract Terms & Conditions)
  2. Payment – Once the eContract is agreed you will receive an invoice for Payment (we accept PayPal or Stripe) 
  3. Detailed Requirements & Design – We may need to have a more detailed requirements discussion (Phone/Email/Face to face) or require additional information to design & build the website. We typically mock up the website structure in a few days and then refine as we go over the course of a week or two. We can even have a 2-3 hour working session face to face to build the site and customize! 
  4. Development & Testing – We ask that you are available and responsive during the development & testing window which can take between 1 & 4 weeks depending on scope and complexity of your project.
  5. Handover – Once the site has been fully built and tested as working correctly we will hand over the admin user name and password for the hosting to you. Some basic training can be provided on how to use the content management system to allow you add new content, posts, refresh old content etc