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eBay Pro Store  / Websimple setup fee is 399-599EUR

ProStores is an eBay company that helps small and medium-sized businesses sell products and services online. Users create a customizable virtual storefront using their own Internet address. ProStores provides domain registration and hosting, a shopping cart, and secure credit card processing. There are two main options;

  1. Pro Store – Pro site site will have its own URL and appear separate to eBay with  different Service Tiers available ranging in scale and features. As this requires more customization the cost is 599 EUR
  2. eBay Network Store – Alternatively you can also sell on eBay with an eBay Store which is part of the overall eBay network. The cost for this type of eBay store is 399 EUR


Websimple can help you customize your eBay Store, Create your Product listing and get it promoted!

Notes  – There are ongoing monthly fees eBay will charge for selling products that you settle directly with eBay. Full details available online http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/seller-fees.html

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