Referral Program

Want to earn up to 5% referral fees?


Want easy money? If you successfully refer a client to us then you can receive a % of the total cost!

It’s this simple

  1. Find suitable clients
  2. Help them submit Contact form
  3. Document Referral Details in Comments
  4. If we successfully complete the contract with client then you get the referral fee after final payment!

Referral Fees

Package Referral % Average Fee *
Starter Website Package 3.5% 10.45 EUR
Rich Content Website Package 4% 19.95 EUR
eCommerce Website Package 5% 39.95 EUR
Other eCommerce solution ** 4% 24.95 EUR
Complex or Custom App *** 4% 15.95 EUR up to Anything!

Terms & Conditions 

* Fees are paid out within 5 working days of final client payment. Customer discounts/offers will reduce client fees and thus referral fee. PayPal Account required. You cannot be an employee of company getting website!

** Excludes Amazon Affiliate shop, Papal & Stripe Integration

*** Referral fee is calculated excluding App Hosting costs